Your online solution or your application gets a touch of Akarmaxs futuristic and brilliant UI/UX designs. Our UI will anticipate to ruling the app or web development scenario. We believe deep research and multi responsiveness are inevitable in any design today. We’ve mastered both. Our designs simply give the best into everything that comes their way.

Agile designers and cool designs have always been our strengths.


We engage all our senses to understand deeply how to create a design that delights the user. Extensive research and implementing the latest layouts and trends have always proven innovative and technologically advanced.

We transform business by high-end designs by bringing in user engagement and conversions.


Time for a wireframe, based on the facts and insights we gather, trace it onto the paper canvas for better understanding and clarity. A clear description of the placement of every element of the website or application is elaborately depicted by a wireframe.


Creating real design is a bit tricky without getting enough support from the wireframes or research. But, stay calm as you have us. We go through each step with care and precision as we truly desire to create the best design for you.


We uncompromised with our developed applications and make sure to fit them into the specs of the so-called perfect applications. We test the usability to its core and ensure the users will find it easy and friendly to interact with. Our solutions will never let you fail anywhere.


Once, we get approval from you, we’ll go forward and build the code. Developing the website or mobile app, our developers have got it under control.

We have a gamut of masters in code and will for sure create a bug-free one. With the backup of powerful UI and extensive research, nothing can go wrong.

As a renowned company known for providing Mobile and Web UI designing services in Bengaluru, India, we strive hard to bridge the gap between application and user by offering the most user-friendly UIs.

Our features include:

  • ✓ Creative professionals with industry expertise
  • ✓ Experience in mobile and web UI designing
  • ✓ Innovative designs with reliable solutions
  • ✓ Illustrations for each screen with options for fonts, images, and shapes
  • ✓ Appropriate theme and icon design
  • ✓ Solutions that are compatible with all Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop
  • ✓ Budget-friendly and quality work

Our Success is 4 Pillars:

  • ✓ Creative Strategy
  • ✓ Design Competence
  • ✓ Technical Mastery
  • ✓ Strong Work Ethic
As a UI/UX design agency, we majorly focus on website design, but the company also focuses on mobile apps and web applications. The UI/UX design projects we take on range from buildings a new product to redesigning an existing mobile app, and website.
UX UI design work and the craft it takes a lot of time to come up with the great output. The digital products and user interfaces we create are easy to use, look great, and represent your brand in the best way possible. We make shape your project into reality. We always assign a multidisciplinary team of senior UX UI designers, developers, and other specialists led by one of our design directors and overseen by a co‑founder. Our, involvement is a contribution towards a successful masterpiece.
Our web design company is ideally equipped to deliver websites for tech startups, unlike other web design firms who mainly work on web design for traditional businesses.
After the UI/UX design concept has been approved, we start designing the UI and UX, continuously conducting user texts, and iterating along the way. The UX and UI design main activities include user flow mapping, wireframing, user interface design, interaction design, and prototyping. Our comprehensive style guide includes UI components library, UX guidelines, and complete user flows.

Speak with Akarmaxs’s results specialist today to get an answer to your doubts and get started with innovative and trustworthy UI UX Designs.