They say great things start with small beginnings. But, at Akarmaxs Tech, we have a different saying, “WE GIVE A GREAT BEGINNING FOR ENDLESS BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES”.

We don't claim to be the best service provider in digital marketing, but the competitor. Akarmaxs Tech is a comprehensive digital marketing solution provider that helps businesses with customer acquisition and digital marketing. Being a notable marketing agency, we deal with online branding, PR, Web Design, Content Creation, Videos, E-commerce, and many more segments that come within the ambit of creative digital marketing.


With SEO professionals, you will surely get a better-quality result. You get On-page & Off-page SEO caters to all elements like optimized title, formatted URL, H1, H2, images, meta description, ALT tag, link building to increase the exposure of your website.


Social Media Management services across all the social channels that Indian users use. Our benefits include marketing on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube. We design and post content like GIF, Image Post, Short Videos, Info-graphics with great description, #tag, and Image line.


We help you to increase 10X higher engagement than regular ad formats by posting Blogs, Articles, Magazines, PDF, PPT, Newsletters, Webinars, Email Marketing, and more.


Based on our experience, our digital marketing experts can provide ROI-based predictions on Google PPC, Social Media PPC, and Affiliates campaigns in terms of the number of leads, customer acquisition cost, and CPL.

Firstly, we operate in website design service by creating stunning and user-responsive websites, and along with that we also have a team of highly expert Google Certified professionals who provides end to end digital marketing services.

We are a Software and Digital Marketing company in Bangalore with combined 5+ years of combined experience. We are meant to provide you excellent service moreover at very competitive prices.

Marketing Knowledge & Experience
Data-Driven Marketing
Competitive Prices
Customized Approach
A timely update on the project
Available for 24x7
We include a series of activities that will help you achieve your goals through various channels like paid, earned, and owned media. Depending on your business goals, we might have to create a strategy.

We focus on seven core strategies approach, performance improvement process, management buy-in, resourcing and structure, data and infrastructure, integrated customer communications, and customer experience.
We also have a group of increase online brand awareness, and brand loyalty teams that ultimately drive sales for your business. Along with us, you can also measure your success, performance, and results of all activities across the platforms in a very cost-effective way.
We are not just limited to creating the same type of genre videos. We create a video for different purposes like branding and promotions, along with service explanation. Depending on the campaign type, we make strategies. Video making includes real-life video, 360-degree video, Info-graphics video, animated video, etc.
We have Digital Marketing Project Managers, Designers to create creative, Social Media Analyst, SEO Analyst, Campaign Analyst, Content Developer, and Business Development Executive. All the experts hold experience in between 3 to 5+ year’s experience in multiple industry proficiency.
Once you hire us for any service our work being from sharing your time-to-time work report of the project. Weekly or monthly updates and meetings of the project execution. You are also allowed to add some additional customization between the on-going project but limited to some extent.

Even after the execution of the project, we are happy to assist you in any step where you face any problem for example running campaigns or how to manage platforms.

Speak with Akarmaxs’s results specialist today to get an answer to your doubts and get started with paid search, SEO, programmatic advertising, social media management, web analytics, web design, graphic design & more.